Portable Patio Gardens

I wanted some decent soil depth within a planter so I cut a water barrel in half and filled with a special layered mixture of aggregate and soil. The experient worked splendidly.



Halfed Rain Barrels

I think they're somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60 US Gallons before I slice them in half. I'd say a 30 gal planter would be sufficient for kick-ass root-zones in a variety of different plants. We're thinking : strawberry patch.



Adding Media

Today my collection of media components was completed. Tonight, under a shelter out in the torrential downpour, the components were married and the soil of the portable patio gardens was brought into creation.

First, I carefully placed 3/4 inch drain rock around the inverted mesh pot I'm using to keep the drain clear. Then, after all of the rest of the drain rock was installed, the media was mixed. I combined approx. 3 parts peat moss, with 2 parts composted chicken manure and 1 part expanded clay pellets. The latter is something I had left over from the greenhouse.



First Ripenings

So far, so good. There's piles of strawberries ripening in the next weeks and some romaine to harvest in maybe a month's time. The height is great for watering, inspecting, harvesting.




I hadn't even planned on having tomatoes this year but, a friend gave me a tomato plant for my birthday and I couldn't let the opportunity pass. Here we are, two months later with a giant tomato plant. I've devised a support structure and will build it soon.



Tower of Tomato

See that plant on the right. Yep, that's just one tomato plant. It's a big mofo. As of today it has 11 ripening clusters, each with five to seven tomatoes. There's another half dozen clusters of flowers at the moment too. So we're talking 60+ fruit on the tower, all ripening in the next month or so.