Rotating Drum Composter

While this seemed like a good idea at first, we had our coldest winter the first year I used it and the worms I had introduced, died. I concluded that the disadvantage of having it so exposed negated the benefit of being able to rotate it. 



Composter v1 gets built

This creation consists of only a few different types of materials :

  • Pieces of 1/8" flatbar from my workshop scraps
  • Galvanized tubing salvaged from a friend's discarded fence
  • Angle iron salvaged from found bedframes
  • New 1" thick HDPE sheet
  • 60 Gallon HDPE Drum

Most of the steel was welded together and the plastic pieces were fastened to the steel items with 10-24 stainless hardware. The hinge/latch mechanism is two EPDM 'bungee' cords bolted to the drum with 5/16" hardware.