For our eleventh year of Silly Boating, Friday Design has teamed up again with the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society. 

Two ways to Donate: 

We personally guarantee that 100% of funds donated will make their way to the Nanaimo Child Development Center

  1. Pledge using our form and pay in person

  1. Donate online with Credit Card or Paypal Account

Explore some of the wacky boats Ben Friday and the Friday Faux Silly Boat team have created over the the last decade.

All of the images below are click-able and will bring you to a photo gallery (and some video too) 

Silly Boat Regatta 2013
Silly Boat Regatta 2012
Silly Boat 2011 Silly Boat 2010 Silly Boat 2009
Silly Boat 2008 Silly Boat 2007 Silly Boat 2006

In addition to being a lot of fun, every year the event raises ~$100,000 for Nanaimo's Child Development Centre [link]. 

The CDC provides a valuable service to hundreds of Nanaimo families and the Silly Boats is their annual major fundraiser.